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Since 1948 Malo has been producing high quality milk products in a traditional manner in St Malo, Brittany.


Their iconic cone shaped, paraffin coated yoghurt pots are a classic part of French culture. We discovered that everyone familiar with Malo has a strong emotional link to the brand and their childhood.


We were tasked with updating their logo and bringing full range coherence to a brand that had lost sight of its heritage. From the initial logo update we applied it putting emphasis on its recognisability by placing it within its own area and building around it, therefore increasing brand visibility.

We simplified the packaging structure with an across the range colour system and a more visible product display.

We also developed a more educational approach by adding supplementary information about product process and reinforced its regional origins and historical tradition. 


As each product is updated and Malo expands into new product categories, it is quite clear that the harmonisation has effectively strengthened the brands global image.

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