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To all creative, strategic and free-thinking individuals


Eretic Brand Consulting & Design’s organization is unique. It is entirely based on the free will of high caliber creative and strategic individuals wherever they are, but willing to join forces and bring a fresh and profitable vision to our clients' brands. We really mean business for our clients.


What’s in it for you ?


-    The opportunity to work on very challenging « blue chip » clients and projects.  

-    You don’t loose your freedom and possibility to express what you really think as a

      professional (forget about that in big agencies)

-    You  rub your ideas with a group of extremely talented and professional people

-    You add an extra-dimension to your portfolio

-    And finally, a “win-win” partnership. We all gain together… or sometimes lose.


If you believe this is the kind of challenge you are looking for, contact Jean-François Menu  or Claude Carouge 

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