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Kersia is a milestone case showing how Eretic has helped a 200 million euros group re-position itself in the market and very effectively differentiates from other market players.

This newly formed group is the 3rd largest leader

of the hygiene/disinfection market in the world. 


However, being #3 was not what we focused upon.

We worked hard with 30 key managers from all business segments across the world to identify what made this group really unique.

After two intense 2-day workshops and extensive questionnaires, we identified that our client excelled at helping customers manage and prevent food safety issues with innovative solutions combining science with a strong field-based experience.

The challenging claim “Inventing a food safe world” was born and will drive the group for years to come.

For over 12 months, Eretic worked very closely with the corporate team in charge of the project to identify the right strategy, implement it and have it adopted across the various companies of the group: name, visual identity and territory, launch event, press release, development of the marketing material.

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