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You see what I mean?

I am often asked about the meaning of a virtual design agency and the first thought is that there is nothing virtual about it at all. It's very tangible! The quality and level of communication required to maintain clear understanding of ANY of our conversations is of fundamental importance and the benefit to us at Eretic is that we pass on that prerequisite to our clients. As we straddle different time zones our routines are not always synchronised but one absolute joy is to be drinking afternoon tea whilst a colleague is at an evening event or emerging to discover the days tasks in their home office. We get to see each other in all manner of ways, FaceTime, Skype, project updates on Basecamp, photos on Instagram, tweeting, running the website or plugging Facebook with news. The technology available to us is the same for everyone but we have streamlined its use to our collective benefit meaning nobody is ever left out of the loop. None of us is left alone with doubt or hesitation as to what needs to be done and whom is responsable. Many more moments on the life of an Eretic to come!

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