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Identity & packaging by Logic Design

NA - Solinest

As France leading distributor at selling confectionery in supermarkets and other OOH channels, Solinest had a major challenge to face the French governement decision prohibiting sales of confectioneries at the exit counter and limit them in other channels. Confectionery makers were not offering solutions. They took it in their own hands to develop a revolutionary 100% fruit gum.


Eretic's contribution to the project was to identify a unique creative communication solution for this new brand to stand out as a total breakthrough.

We invented the name!


N.A.! (Nature Addicts), the first ever fruit to put in your pocket was born. In 2009, it was identified by Nielsen as the 4th best launch of the year.


Today, N.A.! Is an outstanding success for Solinest, avalaible all over Europe.

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