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sanofi, rubophen, eretic, cold, zentiva
Before / After


Harmonisation was the name of the project.


The same indications and similar ranges in 5 different Central Europe markets

- Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland 

and Bulgaria -

but 3 different brand names and 4 different designs!


The challenge was one common design for all! Whilst keeping the 3 distinct brand names. 

At the end of the day the pack design was not only uniformised in the 5 markets, but a big step forward for each individual  brand on its market 


- a thorough improvement of the existing pack, a distinctive design, both strict and flexible, which put each brand in a new cutting-edge position.

What’s not visible in the final designs are – as you can figure out - the local resistance we had to face(!) was time and energy consuming... but we did overcome those ‘political’ issues.


The new designs have been consumer researched … not only did they survive the tests(!) but the highly positive research results really boosted our proposals and smoothed the final local acceptance processes.

And this new distinctive design has been widely extended  ..  and it now encompasses numerous ranges 

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