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Nooï is a new-generation, dietetically-correct fast-food.

It reinvents the pleasures of pasta for a young clientele whose nutritional requirements are inversely proportional to the size of their wallet.

The eretic challenge:

To design, assist and boost the launch of this “fast-food heretic”!


Creation of the name:

Nooï, design of the visual identity, interior design, decoration and furniture


Customer feedback: 

“We chose Eretic because the best thing about them is their efficiency, and we had to go very fast. We first met at the beginning of December and the first Nooï restaurant opened at Saint Lazare in mid-March, coinciding with the franchise trade fair where we were represented.  And another point of sale opened in Strasbourg the following September…  Today, Nooï is a reality, and it’s posting very satisfactory results: 12 points of sale!”

Éric Senet, Chairman of Flam’s 

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